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At Shekinah Health, we know how pain can diminish the quality of life for you and the loved ones around you. Through a prescribed course of treatment, you can take control of your pain. Treatments allow the body to heal without unnecessary medication and invasive surgery. We are here to walk with you through every step of your healing process.


What truly differentiates doctors of chiropractic from any other health care professionals is the P1010005.JPG fact that chiropractors are the only professionals who are trained to diagnose and treat what are called spinal subluxations. The world "subluxation" comes from the Latin words "somewhat or slight" (sub) and "to dislocate" (luxate). So the term ' vertebral subluxation' literally means a slight dislocation or misalignment of the bones in the spine.

When a subluxation occurs, a chiropractor can correct the misaligned bone and allow it to return to its proper position. This procedure is appropriately called an adjustment, and the adjustment enables the body to heal. The chiropractic adjustment is a quick thrust applied to a vertebra for the purpose of correcting its position, movement, or both. Adjustments are often accompanied by an audible release of gas that sounds like a "crack". The sound sometime shocks people a little bit the first couple times they get adjusted, but the sensation is usually relieving. Occasionally, minor discomfort is experienced, especially if the surrounding muscles are in spasm or the patient tenses up during the chiropractic procedure. There are times when the audible "cracking" does not occur. This is often due to either significant muscle tightness or that the patient may be having a hard time relaxing during their adjustments. However, the chiropractic adjustment is still important. The leak is fixed. The wiring is fixed. Information is flowing again. To keep the wiring fixed, several adjustments over a course of time may be necessary, in addition to massage, physical therapy, stretching exercises or strengthening exercise. In the chiropractic world, keeping the problem fixed and preventing its reoccurence is just as important as the initial remedy.


P1010022.JPG Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that utilizes very thin metallic needles to balance the body's internal energy or qi (chee). It works by stimulating the autonomic nervous system, which governs the healing and regeneration of every living cell in the body. It also triggers the release of endorphins, the brain's pain-stopping hormones. Acupuncture can increase blood circulation ,relax muscle spasms, reduce pain and stimulate nerve activity. Needles are used to direct the flow of the body's energy ("Qi") so that blockage, excess, or deficiency may be balanced, and health restored.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Kim and his staff are very kind, yet professional. I had been chronically ill for over 15 years and my body had become "stagnant". Dr. Kim's acupuncture treatments have broken up that stagnation and have allowed me to feel alive again. I am blessed to have found Dr. Kim and to be treated by him."
    Susan L.
  • "Dr. Kim and his staff are wonderful, he fixed the problems I was having with my neck and back."
    Rose L.